About Us

St Marys Town Centre Corporation was formed in 1995 to ensure that St Marys CBD continued to be a thriving business community.


In 2013 the Corporation included a voluntary Board of Directors comprised of: business owners, landowners, community representatives and a member of Penrith City Council.


In 2017 the St Marys Town Centre Board is comprised of;

  • Alex Karavas (Chairman) - Party Pit Stop
  • Joanne Tomic (Deputy Chair) - Jamjo Home and Gifts
  • Faye Aboghazaleh (Secretary) - Don Bosco Youth & Recreation Centre
  • Marlene Shipley - St Marys Band Club
  • Baldo Ragona - Baldo's Hair Care Centre
  • Trisha Hitchen - Deputy Mayor, Penrith City Council
  • Debra Bain - Workplace Safety Centre
  • Ann Hendren - Skin Essentials
  • Nardia Barrett - Mooney Financial Services

St Marys Town Centre

   207 Queen Street, St Marys NSW 2760
  02 9833 2433

St Marys Town Centre

 207 Queen Street,
 St Marys NSW 2760
 02 9833 2433

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