Streetscape Snapshot - October 2017

The timeline is looking good for the completion of the Queen Street Upgrades by the end of the year.

CA&I estimate that by mid-Nov majority of the works will be completed.

Special Places

From this week onwards, the last of the Special Places will be completed

Asphalting in Carinya Ave will start from 30th Oct, and the bus stop at King St will have a cover installed. The cover will match the design of the bus stop outside of St George Bank. New tactiles have already been installed in this area, and the cover on the bus shelter will complete the works.

Crana St and Highway Gateway Special Places are awaiting furniture to be delivered from the manufacturer and will then be installed, which finishes the work at those areas as well.

Tiles and Planting

In some Special Places, some tiles have cracked, been broken off, or lifted out of the ground. To remedy this, CA&I have matched tiles and all will be made well in the next two weeks.

The last stages of the planting will continue for the next two weeks (approximately, may be a few days shorter or longer) and will complete the new greenery in Queen St.

Train Station & Telstra Exchange

The only remaining work after mid-next month will be Telstra Exchange and St Marys Station. CA&I are currently waiting on approval between third parties, however, the Special Places at these areas should wrap up after 6 weeks once all necessary approvals to start work are in place.

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St Marys Town Centre

   207 Queen Street, St Marys NSW 2760
  02 9833 2433

St Marys Town Centre

 207 Queen Street,
 St Marys NSW 2760
 02 9833 2433

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