Windows on Queen


St Marys Corner Community and Cultural Precinct invites business owners in Queen St to get involved in Windows on Queen. You may have seen this flyer around town lately.

Windows on Queen is part of the annual cultural project Queen Street Riches and Textures, developed in collaboration with St Marys and District Historical Society, Nepean College of Arts and Design, TAFE Western Sydney Institute, St Marys Town Centre Corporation, Penrith City Council, creative arts mentorship team and members of the local community.

The project is one of collaboration, social engagement, and conversations between artists and communities and people and places.

Windows on Queen seeks to bring the history of St Marys back to the attention of its community members. The project aims to engage the wider community in historical research, and encourages business owners to offer photographs and stories of the history of a selection of sites in Queen St.

This year Windows on Queen will accept expressions of interest by fifteen businesses who wish to be involved (if the historical photographs of those businesses and locations are available).

Business owners are invited to register their interest in this project by Wednesday 30 August 4.00pm.


To register your interest, please call a representative of the project on 9833 2433 or contact us by email

Streetscape Snapshot
Streetscape Snapshot - June 2017

St Marys Town Centre

   207 Queen Street, St Marys NSW 2760
  02 9833 2433

St Marys Town Centre

 207 Queen Street,
 St Marys NSW 2760
 02 9833 2433

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