St Marys Town Centre Corporation was formed in 1995 to ensure that St Marys CBD remained a thriving business community. In 2013 the Corporation included a voluntary Board of Directors comprised of business owners, landowners, community representatives and a member of Penrith City Council.

In 2023 the St Marys Town Centre Board was comprised of*;

Faye Aboghazaleh


Services Australia

Cassandra Ratcliffe

Deputy Chairperson

Cassandra’s on the Park

Melinda Butler


St Marys Diggers & Band Club

Marlene Shipley

Councillor, Penrith City Council

Thierry Grabara


T Grabara & Associates

Terry Hansen


Professional Real Estate Outer Western Sydney

Alex Karavas


Party Pitstop

Elias Nahas


In October, the Corporation holds its Annual General Meeting, which is open to business owners and land owners within the Town Centre, where two reports are presented. Firstly, the annual report for the previous financial year, and secondly, the operational plan for the financial year ahead. If you are a business or land owner and would like to see a summary of the annual report please contact the office.