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Penrith Council is promoting it’s Penrith Proud / St Marys Strong campaign to boost support of local businesses following the latest covid-19 restrictions.

St Marys Based Business Need Your Help!

The community can support local businesses by:

  • Shopping over the phone or online at a local business
  • Ordering takeaways or delivery from your favourite restaurant during COVID-19 shutdowns
  • Buying gift cards from local businesses
  • Writing a review or promoting your favourite business on social media
  • Sharing the Buy Local campaign.

Each and every one of us living in Penrith City can make a difference by choosing local when making our daily purchasing decisions. Buy that coffee, try that hair salon, buy your Christmas presents from our independent retailers and if you’re in business, source materials from local suppliers and use local tradespeople when you can.

More ideas to spread the Love!

We’ve noticed the outpouring of care and questions on how to support the St Marys Businessess.  

Here are ways to Buy Local.

Share Your Favourite Places

Share your favourite locations and encourage your friends and family to visit by including why you love each business/place.

Are you a resident, business owner or returning visitor and love St Marys?

Here’s how you can help by creating an epic Facebook post to share the love in St Marys?

Step 1: Copy the sample provided to create a post.
Step 2: Add your favourite locations by tagging each business/place.
Step 3: Explain why you love these places under each tag.
Step 4: Post

Sample Epic Facebook Post

Copy this post. Anything in [ ] change accordingly.

St Marys needs your help.

St Marys based businesses have suffered greatly from COVID restrictions and with businesses still not being able to operate at full capacity, the flow on affect is profound across all in the St Marys Town Centre and residents. Some businesses remain closed for good.

I’m doing my small part by posting about my favourite places and why I love them.


[Tag location, shop etc]
[Write why you love about each place]

[Repeat as many times in the same post as you like but a different location each time]

Reward yourself, you deserve it. Calories don’t count St Marys.

#buylocal #stmarysstrong 

Have you been to any of these places, comment below?

Please share, like and visit if you can.

Don't spend the extra dollars on yourself, shout a friend instead!

The idea here is to visit one of your favourite locations to dine in. It can be any store to be honest, but food is easier. Have your friends guess what you ordered and the winner gets breakfast, lunch or dinner – your shout. You choose the prize. It’s your game.

You promote the venue to your friends, you and your friends engage on social media for a bit of fun and potentially the venue gets a future order, potentially future business from your friends and/or at least brand awareness for the venue. Just have fun with it.


Here’s how you can help by creating Facebook post by Checking in to a place you love:

  • Step 1: Facebook Check In via Venue.
  • Step 2: With Friends? Tag them into the post.
  • Step 3: Explain the game about offering a free meal at your expense if they guess what you or the group is ordering.
  • Step 4: Post
  • Step 5: Let the fun begin.

TIP: Smaller menu offer limited attempts to guess.

Pay It Forward!

Some venues offer the opportunity to allow you to Pay It Forward.

Typically run in cafes. You offer an amount usually the cost of a coffee so at the discretion of the cafe staff they allow someone to have a coffee for free. 

What tends to happen is it becomes a conversation starter with customers as they will ask about it whilst they wait for their order.

Watch how other people want to add to the tally.


Make it easy for the venue by supplying them a template that looks better than a hand written version and stands out:

  1. Get this template >
  2. Print it
  3. Pass it over to a venue of your choice that offers Pay It Forward. 
  4. Suggest it is displayed prominently.
  5. Start the list by paying an amount towards the list.
  6. Feel good!

14 Ways To Help St Marys Businesses

How you can help St Marys Town Centre

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